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Vertical gardens with luxuriant plant life can now be installed in homes, apartments, offices and restaurants.

The cost of a greenwall is outweighed by the health benefits of greenery or exceptionally fresh food. The upright space-saving ‘wall feature’, vertical garden, or greenwall is a fantastic opportunity for everyone.
The aesthetic, environmental, and health advantages are all appealing. We can provide you a rapid price to renovate an office, courtyard, or any interior-exterior space in Singapore with a vertical garden.

We Truly

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Green Wall in Office Space

Enhance your office and events by adding plants and vibrant greenery to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Green walls are an excellent solution for creating a green privacy screen, a natural visually appealing façade, or providing shade from direct sunshine to building inhabitants. Our Singapore vertical gardens are simple to maintain, economical to construct, and far more appealing than a plain brick or fence. In addition to being both attractive and functional, your new outdoor wall garden will help to strengthen your green credentials while also improving the surrounding environment..

A Green Wall demonstrates a company’s commitment to the environment and sustainability while also improving everyone’s working environment.
The unique major advantages are contributing to natural air quality, reducing noise levels, and absorbing carbon dioxide. Plants have been scientifically demonstrated to increase people’s enjoyment and comfort while decreasing stress levels.

We offers professional commercial garden maintenance and landscape management services to commercial and industrial properties.

Types of Vertical Green

natural preserved moss green wall Singapore

Preserved Green Wall
chanting moss walls, and unique feature pieces adorned with vibrant greenery!

Natural beauty mixed with the sturdiness of an inert item. Grown and harvested in a responsible manner, then preserved using a 100% natural process. Various foliage and mosses are available as options.

Living Green Wall
Our collection of Green wall solutions is perfectly suited to a range of indoor spaces.

Thinnest profile, lightweight, and has great water and nutrient retention capabilities, allowing for maximum root growth within the system, giving you the most bang for your buck!

artificial green wall singapore

Artificial Green Wall
high quality real & artificial solutions

With the aid of the most realistic artificial green wall, you may have the look of a real garden without the care. Our low-maintenance artificial plant alternatives can keep your room green all year.

Make Your Vertical Garden Thrive With The Right Guy

One stop vertical green solution
Design – Installation – Maintenance

Our expert Vertical Garden installation service makes your home renovation or commercial project both beautiful and simple. Fully fitted and equipped with an automated timer and customized planting scheme, the result is trouble-free.
Garden and house space are limited, but vertical gardens or greenwalls are an excellent way to green up.
Greenwalls give direct health benefits, as well as the benefits of shading and heat absorption, in addition to immediate attractiveness.
If you’d like to learn more about how green infrastructure might help your house or project, please contact us.

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Fill that vacant area, amaze your clients, and notice a jump in employee morale. Green Design produces, installs, and maintains beautiful green walls throughout Singapore and the surrounding areas.

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Vertical garden Price Guide

Framed Vertical Garden in hardwood

Framed Vertical Garden in hardwood
Price: $2950

The versatile design is 1.3 by 1.3 meters and has an aesthetically pleasing wood frame. Plants, a programmed watering system, and all workmanship are included in the total package.

Standard frame
PRICE: $3500

A pair of completely installed separate units to cover greater areas, provide interest, and improve the ‘wow’ effect. 2 x 1.3 meter squared staggered format is ideal.

custom green wall

Custom size

Design and installation tailored to your garden environment. A green wall without a frame is less expensive, and we provide meter discounts for 9 meters and up.

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What is the cost of a green wall?
Because each vertical garden is custom-made to meet the needs of the buyer and the characteristics of a certain area, it is difficult to provide a set pricing. When the installation develops in size, the cost of 1m2 drops. Prices for the system consisting of live plant walls range from around $450- $950 net per m2 (with a minimum order surface of 2.5 m2), while prices for stabilized moss projects range from approximately $450 – $750 net/m2 (with a minimum order surface of 3m2). It is the cost of the system excluding installation, transportation, and any additional side or container cover. To determine the cost estimate, the following information must be provided:
  • the projected height and width of the green wall
  • height, width, thickness, and substance (e.g. solid brick) of the wall where the garden will be installed
  • completion date
  • potential of connecting to the water supply and draining to the sewage system
  • LED lighting might be installed on the ceiling, approximately 1.5 meters from the wall. If any.

We recommend including a photo of the wall, its visualization, or a technical draft in the query step to help with cost estimation.


The completion date, like the price, is decided individually. It is determined by factors such as the project’s size, amount of complexity, and location. A green wall made of moss or live plants normally takes 6-8 weeks to complete. The waiting time begins when the contract is signed and the first instalment (50% of the total price) paid.

Depending on how well the green wall is maintained. Watering, lighting, and fertilizing can all be automated, but some tasks, such as cutting overgrown shoots or removing dead leaves, must still be remembered. Trimming is essential not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for practical one: when plants overgrow, they restrict access to light for other plants, perhaps leading to their extinction. Furthermore, if we let the shoots to develop too long, the plant will lose its compactness and new leaves will grow smaller and smaller.

Yes. If the interior is not lighted by more than 2000 lx, more assimilation lighting must be installed. Light is required for plants to grow healthily and remain in good condition all year. We recommend LED lamps with arms or ceiling LED spotlights mounted on a base or current rail. Installing a timer to turn on the light for 8-10 hours every day is the best approach.

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