Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery

Qualified Arborist for Every Tree

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Experienced Team To Bring Down the Tree Safely

Tree Health

Tree Health

Monitor and Preventive Treatments to Ensure your Trees stay Healthy

Tree Stumping

Tree Stumping

High Performance Tree Stumping/ Grinding Removal Service

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Remove Damage or Overgrown Tree Parts for Aesthetic and Safety Purposes

Tree Cutting

Tree Cutting

24/7 Emergency tree Cutting Service for Any Unexpected Event

Tree Specialist: Tree Removal Services and Stump Grinding Singapore

With over 30 years tree cutting experience, we have good standing for skilled, safety, and quality work. We provide comprehesive arbor tree services in Singapore. Our tree service comprise of tree pruning, height control, full removal and stump grinding. Our arborists are fully qualified from Npark, properly insured and exceptionally proficient.

We Truly


Customers First • Attitude • Respect • Enjoy life in the process

tree services by qualified arborists at affordable prices. We offer everything from tree removal & pruning to stump removal

We cater our tree services to private property such as residential, commercial and school in Singapore.
We are the go-to tree specliaist for for all related tree services. Which means we can do all tasks from arborist recommendation, tree surgery, approval from agency, tree cutting and stump removal.
Most of our work tends to be tree cutting, height control and pruning as we work with our clients to maintain 100% safe environment when carry out our work.

ONE-STOP Commercial Landscaping Service

tree removal service in singapore

24/7 emergency tree service

24/7 Hotline: +65 8585 5454

Keeping a tree in good health and shape requires more than just seating back and watching nature take its course.

You need a good tree care regimen to ensure that your greenery continues to flourish for many years.

Our qualified arborists help you evaluate the health of your trees and take preventative measures to protect it, from pruning to total removal.

Types of Tree Services we cater:

  • Tree Trimming and Pruning
  • Height control
  • Tree Removal
  • Emergency Tree Services
  • Stump Removal and Grinding
  • Disease and Insect Management
  • Crown lifting/thinning out
  • Stump grinding
  • Palm tree seed pod and dead frond tidy up/full removal
  • Hedge trimming/topping/side and face reductions
  • Arborist Reports & Tree Assessments

24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Services

We provide emergency tree removal services around the clock. Our team is consistently prepared to assist in the removal of any fallen tree that may present a public hazard and require removal.


Popular Tree Services:

Tree Pruning

Trees may be kept healthy and their growth can be controlled with regular pruning and trimming. Trees are protected against insect infestations when dead, diseased, or damaged branches are removed during trimming. Pruning trees usually makes them more fruitful.

Although it takes skill, experience, and the correct tools, pruning is a great way to maintain healthy trees. Hue Landscape is your one-stop shop for all things related to tree maintenance, including trimming. Without causing any discomfort, we remove the fallen, diseased, or otherwise unwanted branches. During the treatment, there is very little chance of harm coming from trees falling.


Tree Removal/ Take Down

Cutting down and removing a tree from the premises may be necessary in many cases. A few examples are:

  • In cases where a tree is infected
  • In the event that a severe storm or windstorm causes damage,
  • As soon as a tree dies
  • If you’re looking to expand your outdoor area,
  • In cases where the tree’s proximity endangers your property
  • When foliage from a nearby tree is obstructing your yard’s view


You should never try to remove a tree by yourself, no matter how good your intentions are. Both you and the garden could be in danger during this treatment. Hue Landscape is here to assist you with removing your tree from your property with minimal to no damage.


Stump Grinding

The stump can be removed after the tree of your choice has been chopped down. Hazardous and untidy work awaits you when you remove stumps. That is why you should assemble a crew of experts.

Unattended stumps can become breeding grounds for pests, which can then spread and cause damage to your property. Stumps also make your landscape look untidy and even dangerous by taking up valuable space. You won’t have to deal with the agony of stumps when Hue Landscape is around. For anyone in need of stump grinding in Singapore, we are here to help. To make your yard secure and beautiful, we offer all the latest tools and knowledge. Safe, effective, and fast service is what we offer.


For What Reasons Should You Hire Certified Tree Specialist?

Ensuring Safety

Expert companies utilize specialized equipment and tools to streamline operations and maximize efficiency. All of the workers here at Hue Landscape wear protective gear so that they may operate safely.


Time Saving

Having experts handle certain jobs is the best option. You may avoid a lot of hassle and wasted time by hiring a tree service. In a short amount of time, they will complete the task using the correct equipment and techniques.


Cleaning and preventative steps

Our team will make sure that other properties are safe before chopping down a tree. We will remove the fallen branches, trash, and tree stumps after work.


Safe Tree Pruning Services Singapore

Safe Tree Pruning/ Removal Practice


Why Engage a Tree Cutting Specialist in Singapore

Certified Tree-Cutting Contractors and Tree Cutting Company


Professional Safe Tree Removal – Your Local Expert Arborist

High Quality, Precise Tree Removal. Avoid Damage To Close Properties

We are just a call away for any Singapore homeowner that needs a tree cut. Put an end to your concerns about the tree in your house, the shade that is ruining your garden, and the stump in your yard. To get a quote tailored to your specific requirements, contact us immediately. As we fell the tree, we will take care not to damage any of the surrounding trees or property.

Our Clients

Prompt, Reliable and Safe – Tree Removal, Tree Pruning

Tree removal can be a very stressful task. Let our certified arborist takes care of it. Our team evaluates, diagnose and provides the solution to your trees and when needed, safely and precisely removes them.

For tree removal, our well-equipped tree specialist will execute the task safely and efficiently without causing damage to neighboring trees and properties. Every tree-cutting case is unique, our team developed customized plans to meet our client’s requirements and access every tree situation. (Hazardous/ dangerous trees, diseased trees, trees causing obstructions to construction, driveways or walkway; pest infestation or wind damage)

Cost Estimates The cost of tree removal depends on the location of tree extraction, truck width, tree height and tree size

tree uprooting, tree cutting, tree trimming, clearing bushes, removal and disposal
We Offer Various Gardening Service That Can Meet Your Individual Garden Maintenance Needs.



If you plan to do it yourself or hire an untrained professional, be aware of the dangers associated with tree pruning and cutting.


Prior to attempting to prune or chop a tree on yourself, consider the following substantial dangers:

There is a risk of collapsing branches, or even the tree as a whole itself during tree pruning and cutting; if not properly controlled, this can result in severe injuries or property damage.

When appropriate safety precautions are disregarded, tree trimming and cutting frequently necessitate work at heights, thereby raising the likelihood of falls and accidents.

In close proximity to power lines, trees present a substantial hazard when pruned or cut. Electrocution may ensue from touching with live power lines, potentially causing critical injuries or fatalities.

Misuse or inadequate maintenance of chainsaws, cords, harnesses, and other equipment may result in incidents involving injuries such as lacerations, cuts, and more.

Unexpected falling or collapses may result from destabilizing the structure of a tree through pruning or cutting, particularly in cases where the tree is afflicted with diseases, decay, or structural weaknesses.

Pruning of trees and cutting have the potential to cause detrimental environmental effects, including disturbance of wildlife habitats, damage to adjacent vegetation, and contribution to soil erosion.



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When the greenery of the tree begin to fall, additional caution must be exercised, even in the absence of a forceful wind. This serves as an early warning sign that branches need to be pruned in order to prevent their collapse.

Ensure the area is completely removed.

Sufficient space should be available to accommodate the tree in its entirety when laid flat.

Observe the tree to determine in which direction it develops naturally.

This may assist in ascertaining the potential fall trajectory of the tree.

In Singapore, the price of tree removal is based on the following parts:

  • Dimensions such as height and girth of the tree
  • The various species of trees (or palms)
  • Accessibility to the tree (including whether manual climbing, a crane, or other means are required to reach it),
  • Method of elimination (cut to ground or root grubbing)
  • Count of plants

As an example, root grubbing a 5-meter-tall palm will cost approximately $350, whereas cutting a 5-meter-tall tree to the ground will cost approximately $500.

The cost required to prune a tree ranges from $80 to $3,000.

The estimated cost to transplant a tree in Singapore is between $500 and $12,000

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