Grow herbs & veggies 3X faster

“Now that everything is growing so quickly, grocery shopping is less stressful because we don’t have to worry about the rising cost of produce.”

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants that does not require soil. Plants are instead cultivated in a soil-free medium such as perlite, vermiculite, clay aggregates, coconut coir, or recycled glass. These media, unlike soil, have no nutritional benefits, thus plants must be fed a nutrient solution (hydroponic fertiliser dissolved in water) on a regular basis to be healthy.

Grow Your Own Food. Grow a Healthier You.

Good habits, like consuming wholesome foods, are the foundation of good health. Additionally, Tower Garden makes it simple to cultivate your own healthy food year-round, nearly anywhere.


Interactive Hydroponics System for Schools ?

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One stop vertical green solution
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Hands-on learning
Give your pupils a project-based, hands-on learning opportunity.

Grow in the classroom
Grow in a lab, classroom, or garden, wherever the learning takes place.

Better results, and lesser work
removes typical failure factors such as bugs, dirt, and watering

Promote healthy living
Students gain first-hand knowledge of the advantages of eating healthily.

Grow and harvest the entire year
With our hydroponic system, you may grow all year round regardless of where you are.


Our Schools Program, which was developed by educators, transforms your hydroponic garden into a rigorous academic learning environment.

Students gain critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they explore, discover, and build their own ecosystem utilizing hydroponic/aeroponic growing systems with the help of hands-on lesson plans that employ the life cycles of food and plants to teach different subjects.

Popular Types of Hydroponic Systems

NFT hydroponic system Singapore

N.F.T. (Nutrient Film Technology)
best for plants that have small root system, like leafy green

Aeroponic systems singapore

Aeroponic systems
can grow any plants

wick system

Wick System
for small houseplants and herbs

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Hydroponics Made Easy – Get Growing, Anyone Can Do It

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Not only are our gardens incredibly productive hydroponic gardening systems, but they also have various commercial applications that benefit students, employees, and customers, to name a few. Whatever the use, having a hydroponic garden on campus is a terrific way to engage staff and students, as well as promote sustainability efforts in business sectors.


School gardens provide long-term advantages to kids of all ages, promoting health and wellness while introducing pupils to good and nutritional meals. Aside from these advantages, it is an effective teaching tool that delivers real-world learning for children of all ages.

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What do I need to get growing?
The kit includes everything except electricity, water, seeds, and seedlings. Following the purchase of the system, you will require water, electricity, and nutrients on a continuous basis. Plants, of course, are required for growth. It is also a good idea to have an EC and pH meter on hand to monitor the right nutrition balance and water quality.

Garden pests are an unavoidable component of our environment, and hydroponics/aeroponics will not completely eliminate pests. Make a point of monitoring outdoor plants for signs of infection every couple of days. If they are present, use an organic pesticide of your choice, such as soap solution, pyrethrum, and so on.

Bugs will have a more difficult time getting to the plants if grown indoors, but care should be taken not to introduce them unintentionally or by adding an outdoor plant to the system. It is best to start your seedlings indoors in an uncontaminated environment.

Growers have discovered that hydroponic/aeroponic systems produce extremely high yields. In fact, in the same amount of space as a soil garden, yield increases 3 to 10 times. In a well-managed hydroponic system, many crops can be produced twice as quickly.

Growing indoors can be even faster because you can manage the light exposure, imitating longer days and shorter nights. You are also not bound by weather conditions such as rain, lack of sunlight, and heat/cold.

All plants are classified into three types: annuals, perennials, and biennials. These categories are based on their life cycles, and they will determine when and how much you can and should harvest. Annual plants should be plucked before blooming. Biennials should be collected at the end of their first year before flowering and seeding the following year. Perennials can grow over several seasons. When harvesting a whole plant, simply replace it with a fresh seedling in the system.

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