Custom Made Planter Boxes

In Singapore, you can have planter boxes made specifically for your needs right now. Find the ideal Planter Box and let us know how you’d like to personalize it. We do it all, from Singapore-wide L-shaped corner designs to bespoke planter troughs.

Get in touch if you have a very specific area that you want to beautify with planter boxes. To decorate and define your restaurant’s outdoor seating area, you may want to order custom planter boxes in Singapore. With carefully crafted and measured custom planters, we can make this a reality for you.

Beautiful wooden planters hand built for you

custom wood planter box Singapore

raised garden beds and outdoor planters
Design, suppply and install

Custom wooden planter boxes, storage boxes, and even seats can be made to order from us.

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Maintenance and Repair of Outdoor Planter Box

Wooden planter can make any space feel more elegant and natural. The following advantage is also included.

  • Capable of withstanding the elements and providing maximum protection from termites.
  • Sophisticated: A Return to Nature in Design
  • Aesthetic: The warm, natural feel of wood is a great way to relax.


Wood material selection includes Teak, Chengal, Merbau, Bakau and Ironwood.

Hue Landscape guarantees that all of our projects are well-planned and executed. Assisting clients in weighing the benefits and drawbacks of various woods and selecting the best color scheme for their outdoor space.

Benefits Of Raised Planter Beds

Raised garden beds has increased in popularity alongside the growing interest in sustainable gardening.

  • Reduce workload: Elevated garden beds make gardening tasks like weeding, watering, and harvesting much easier, as gardeners don’t have to stoop as low to the ground.
  • Soil Quality: Even if your soil isn’t ideal, you can create the perfect soil mixture for your plants.
  • Less Pest: Pests such as slugs and tunneling critters are deterred from gardens where plants are raised off the ground.
  • Less soil erosion: When soil is framed by a material like brick, erosion is reduced. 
  • Less soil compaction: Due to the lack of foot and vehicle traffic, the soil is less compacted.
  • Weeding is a breeze thanks to the loose, rich soil and dense planting.

A brick raised garden bed is a wise investment for the long run and offers numerous advantages to gardeners.

Need a Custom Planter Bed For Your Garden?

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Services Covering Every Aspect of Garden

If you have unused outdoor space, we can help you put it to good use. Useful as a privacy screen, for growing herbs and vegetables, or for simply adding color to your outdoor space. You can either have us make one for you based on your specifications for size and type of wood, or you can design your own.

Type of commercial properties we service:

  • Shopping canters
  • Schools
  • Office buildings
  • Factories
  • Security Estate
  • Industrial parks
  • Business parks
  • Private Clubs


raised planter bed construction

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We take great satisfaction in providing courteous, detail-oriented pond construction and upkeep services for our customers.

Affordable Outdoor Planter in Singapore. Enhance your outdoor space with Singapore’s superior timber wood planter options. Locate options that will last, can be used in different situations, and look good doing it.

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Which type of wood is most suitable for constructing planter boxes?

The utilization of hardwood in the construction of planter boxes is highly recommended due to its exceptional longevity and durability. Additionally, the presented content appears satisfactory.

One can prevent the deterioration of planters by applying a waterproofing agent.

Hardwood planters have the potential to maintain their structural integrity for a period of up to 20 years.

One method of preserving the integrity of a wooden planter box involves applying a protective decking oil to its exterior surface.

The Geofabric material was placed at the base of the planter box, followed by a layer of gravel. Another layer of Geofabric was then added to create a barrier between the drainage system and the soil used for planting.

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