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We offers professional commercial garden maintenance and landscape management services to commercial and industrial properties.

#1 Commercial & Residential Landscaping

Hue Landscape Services has over three decades of experience in the field. Our portfolio comprises commercial, residential, industrial, and governmental undertakings. We collaborate extensively with proprietors, architects, engineers, contractors, managing agents, and building developers.

Professional Gardening Service Singapore

In addition to the routine pruning of trees, shrubbery, and groundcovers, gardening services also consist of watering, fertilizing, and maintaining the health of plants. Our team undergoes consistent and comprehensive training and development in order to guarantee that we exclusively deliver high-quality services that our clients rightfully expect.

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Our Comprehensive Landscaping Service

With the expertise, personnel, and experience necessary to maintain gardens, lawns, and landscapes, we guarantee you a beautiful, verdant landscape. Apartments, hotels, clubs, , commercial complexes, government structures, condominiums, schools, healthcare facilities and hospitals, parks, and more are among our clientele.

Singapore’s Best Landscape Maintenance Services 

Do you wish to enhance and preserve the natural aesthetics of your commercial or residential property? Irrespective of your location in the garden city, we provide an extensive selection of landscape maintenance services to ensure that your lush green spaces are consistently maintained. Our landscape maintenance services include arboriculture, tree care, and soil management, in addition to routine upkeep.

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ONE-STOP Commercial Landscaping Service

Commercial Landscaping

24/7 emergency gardening service

From Weeding And Pruning To Annual Planting, We Can Help With All Your Maintenance Needs. Need Professional Landscaping Services?

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Our professional commercial landscapers can transform any green space. We offer a wide range of commercial landscape solutions for our customers, including one off service, daily stationed gardener, weekly care as well as monthly packages.

Our maintenance services are aimed at addressing and gradually improving your outdoor space. Our comprehensive commercial landscape services include:

  • Commercial lawn mowing services
  • Flowerbed maintenance
  • Irrigation system
  • Garden pest control
  • Ground/ turf maintenance
  • Green wall
  • Water features
  • Planting works
  • Tree pruning/ removal
  • Pruning of plants and shrubs
  • Weed removal
  • Garden waste disposal

Commercial Lawn Mowing and Landscape Maintenance

Our team of garden and grounds maintenance professionals keep your garden looking its best.

Our Clients

We provide clients with commercial gardening and landscaping services to keep your garden in impeccable condition.

We use only the highest quality plants and elements that add value to your garden.

Type of commercial properties we service:

  • Shopping centres
  • Schools
  • Office buildings
  • Factories
  • Security Estate
  • Industrial parks
  • Business parks
  • Private Clubs


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Overgrown, out-of-control garden? Our commercial garden maintenance services will transform your garden into a space you can be proud of.

What To Expect From Good Landscape Maintenance Services?

Constantly, the maintenance and design of a landscape comprise a vast multitude of duties that can be daunting. Employing landscape maintenance services is essential due to the expertise that only professionals possess. Experienced landscape companies may provide the following services:

  • Lawn maintenance consists of mowing, grass cutting, edging, and pruning the grass in order to preserve the aesthetic appeal of a well-kept lawn.
  • Gardening services in Singapore encompass plant maintenance, which includes pruning, shaping, and trimming hedges, trees and shrubs to maintain desired forms and promote healthy growth.
  • Maintenance of flowerbeds, including mulching, weeding, and planting seasonal flowers.
  • Irrigation system management encompasses the tasks of monitoring and maintaining irrigation systems in order to guarantee adequate watering and prevent water wastage.
    applying fertilizers and implementing measures to control weeds and pests.
  • Soil management and testing to establish an ideal growth environment
    Seasonal cleansing consists of debris, fallen leaves, and other forms of clutter removal.
  • Tree maintenance services, including trimming, felling, and pruning.
  • Services encompassing landscape design, including installation and maintenance of vertical green walls and ponds.
  • Management and installation of artificial turf.

The Benefits Of Landscaping Services

Engaging the services of professional landscape contractors for horticulture and landscape maintenance has numerous advantages. A selection of them is delineated below:

  • Increased curb appeal: Consistent upkeep guarantees that your landscape maintains a pristine appearance, evoking a favorable perception among visitors and pedestrians.
  • Hiring professionals frees up your time to attend to other critical responsibilities while they conduct the labor-intensive and time-consuming maintenance of your landscape.
  • Landscape maintenance services utilize personnel who possess substantial expertise and understanding in horticulture, plants, and optimal methodologies. This guarantees that your landscape will receive the necessary attention and maintenance.
  • Appropriate pruning, fertilization, and pest management are a few of the professional gardening services in Singapore that will ensure the longevity and good health of your trees and plants.
  • Cost-effective: By identifying and resolving issues early on, routine landscape maintenance services help prevent significant problems and expensive repairs in the future.
  • By implementing eco-friendly practices, such as organic pest control and water conservation methods, landscape maintenance services can contribute to a greener and more sustainable environment.
  • One benefit of outsourcing maintenance duties to reputable garden maintenance companies is a reduction in stress and physical strain that are typically associated with performing landscape maintenance alone.
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5 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Landscape Maintenance Service

Prior to choosing landscape maintenance services, check the following elements into account. These consist of:

  • Consider firms that have established a positive reputation and a history of delivering high-quality landscape maintenance services.
  • Services provided: Confirm that the organization offers the precise range of services that you need.
  • Consider the organization’s responsiveness, professionalism, communication capabilities, and capacity to adhere to deadlines.
  • Agreement and pricing: Examine the terms of the contract, including pricing, service frequency, and any supplementary fees or stipulations.
  • Personalization and adaptability: Ascertain whether the organization is capable of customizing their services to suit your particular requirements and accommodating any exceptional requests that you might have.

Why Should You Rely On Us For Garden And Landscape Maintenance In Singapore?

Our years of professional landscaping experience guarantee that you receive excellent value for your money. Whether you require landscape maintenance services for a commercial property or for your residential property, you can have faith that our experts will complete the task without a hitch and in an impeccable manner.

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Landscaping is the procedure of creating a garden or an area of land more appealing by changing the current design (terrain and structure), adding ornamental elements, and planting greens, flowering plants, trees and shrubs.

Landscaping is the procedure of creating a garden or an area of land more appealing by changing the current design (terrain and structure), adding ornamental elements, and planting greens, flowering plants, trees and shrubs.

  • Increasing property value
  • Beautifying living space
  • Reduce heating and cooling expenses
  • Possible health benefits (mental and physical)

Unmaintained and overgrown gardens may entice unwanted animals such as snakes, rats, white ants, and cockroaches which may cause extensive damage to your home and even your health.

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