Renting vs Buying Office Plants

You’ve read up on the numerous benefits of having office plants and have decided to implement them, but you’re at a loss as to where to begin. Choosing where to get the plants is the first order of business. Which is better, renting or buying the office plants?

Purchasing might appear simple at first. Going to plant nursery, you can make a one-time purchase of office plants for your workplace. And surely it wouldn’t be too difficult to keep them alive.

The opposite is true. Renting plants for your office is preferable if you want high-quality greenery without the hassle of upkeep and the cumulative benefits of a long-term partnership.


Buying Office Plants: The Pros and Cons

It takes time to shop for and tend to your own office plants. If done properly, however, purchasing office plants that will revitalize, spruce up, and green up your workspace can be an extremely rewarding experience.


Benefit #1: Begin a new hobby or interest

The primary benefit of purchasing office plants is the pride you get from doing everything by yourself. The right pots, fertilizer, and topping mulch can help strike a balance between form and function, as can researching which plants will thrive in your workplace. If you have a passion for plants, you don’t need us to tell you how exciting this sounds.


Benefit #2: Keeping all control to yourself

When you get home with the fresh plants from the nursery, you’ll have to answer some fun questions and make some interesting choices. The optimal location for each plant. Can they handle the cool breeze and cold of an AC vent, or do they require a warmer, sunnier spot? Where do you think this plant would look better?


Finally, you can give your undivided attention to the plants themselves by tending to their every need as they grow and flourish in your care. It’s a feat in and of itself that will pay off in the form of beautifully flourishing plants you helped bring into existence.


Drawback #1: Time

Caring for office plants is a labor of love. To give each plant the care it needs, you need to be committed, have a green thumb, have lots of time, and enlist the assistance of some coworkers. You’ll need to keep track of the various plant species in your workplace to give each one the attention it needs to thrive.


Drawback #2: Cost

Indoor plants can cost anywhere from $30 up to $500, so stocking an office plant collection can quickly become a costly undertaking. This is a great price range for a modest office makeover, but it can get pricey very quickly if you want to completely reconfigure your workspace with plants. If your plants end up dying or getting sick, you may have a very expensive project upon your hands.


The Benefits of Renting Plants to the Office

When you rent indoor and outdoor plants, a professional takes care of all the maintenance for you.

Not everyone has a green thumb, so having someone on hand who can tell you the difference between an Aglonema and a Zanzibar Gem is invaluable when planning an office makeover. If you decide to hire office plants, a professional with a green thumb and an eye for design will be there to help you every step of the way.

Benefit from Professional Design Advice

Expertise in interior design and an eye for how plants will complement an existing decor are necessities for any indoor landscaping or design project. Professional plant care can make even a neglected Ficus in the office look like a showpiece.

A plant rental expert’s imagination can envision anything. Vertical Green wall offices and other forms of living plant art can transform a standard workplace into a soothing oasis.


Put the complicated setup process out of your mind.

A plant hire expert is someone who is well-versed in the specific needs of every plant and the office environment in which it will thrive. Your plant specialist will take into account the air quality, light, humidity, and temperature of your office when deciding where to put each plant. Whether by a bright window or in a dim meeting room, you can rest assured that your houseplants are flourishing in their ideal environment.


Insist on the best care for your plants.

Maintaining a healthy plant population is one of the most challenging aspects of plant ownership. A plant collection needs specialized care to stay happy and healthy. To ensure that the plants you’ve hired always look healthy and thriving, you should have them pruned and polished by a professional.


Plants can be easily replaced if the need arises.

Things might go wrong even if great caution is taken. A plant rental company will refresh your plants at no extra cost, swap out their pots for something more modern, or move them to a new location if necessary. You won’t have to stress about scheduling regular trips to the nursery anymore.


Saving money through full service coverage.

Plant rental is often more cost-effective than outright purchase when considering labor, plant maintenance, replacement, and installation. Beautiful plants will be sent to you for your enjoyment without any responsibility on your part.


Office Plants: To Rent or to Buy?

Purchasing plants is a great long-term hobby if you’re looking for something new to get into. Having a professional take charge of the planning and upkeep of your office plants is the best option if you value expertise, attention to detail, and devoted care.

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